Shades of Green with Tiffany Paige, Episode 2

In this Episode Tiffany talks about CFL light bulbs and how to use them in your life.

Tiffany also showcases the Dr. Hauschka line of cosmetics.



  • Solar Power Source the sun. , solar photo voltaic, solar tmarhel.Solar hot water- Heat into hot photo voltaic spectrum into electricity.Solar Thermal Heat into hot water into steam into turbines for electricity.Disadvantage Not full time base load power. Solar tmarhel with salt pond storage can get around this. Wind Power Source weather patterns from the sun. kinetic energy into electric energyMicro wind generators Wind into electricity at a individual level.Large wind generation Wind farms at a community levelDisadvantage Not full time base load power.Wave Energy kinetic energy into electric energy. Moon and sun influences waves.Disadvantage Harsh salt environments.Tidal Energy kinetic energy into electric energy. Moon gravity affecting the tides.Disadvantage Harsh salt environments.