100% Natural Vegetable Fiber Sponge by Konjacu

Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany talks to Kevin & Yuki about Konjacu. Inoshstyle.com distributes the Konjacu sponge. Konjacu is a 100% natural, vegetable fiber sponge. It has no preservatives and no additives. It’s like a yam with a lot of fiber and made for the face and body. There are different colors for different uses, all made from vegetables. Black is their bamboo charcoal sponge. It is antibacterial and good for treating acne or oily prone skin. White is the original sponge good for dry or sensitive skin. It is also great for a baby bath sponge. You can use product on them, but not too much soap. Soap dries your skin and the sponge itself provides plenty of cleaning power. It is a natural ph balancer and cleaner, so soap is optional. It can actually help moisturize your skin. To take care of your sponge, wash it well and press out the excess water gently. If you squeeze it too hard you could damage the sponge and never twist it. Hang it to air dry in a well-ventilated area. Do not leave it in your shower or it may become moldy. You’ll know when it’s dry because it becomes hard. This keeps bacteria from going into it when it’s not in use. You never need to actually clean your Konjacu sponge, just rinse it thoroughly after each use.