Baby Harp Seals at the Green Festival

Do you love the baby harp seal as much as me?

Ian Robichud founder of does. Even more so because he is dedicating his time and life to help stop this barbaric, unnecessary cruelty of the clubbing and killing of these beautiful vulnerable babies. I’m Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany and I got a chance to speak to Ian at the Green Festival In Los Angeles about a subject that is near and dear to my heart. seeks to bring about a permanent end to the massacres of harp seals in Canada. It is a California based non-profit charity that is all vounteer based.

This seal hunt is happening off the coast of Newfoundland and Quebec in Canada. There is no longer an international market for these seal pelts, yet it’s still being done.

Harp works together with other non- profits like Sea Shepherd, IFAW, and HSUS. These groups have put a lot of time and effort into stopping the seal hunt. Seal fur is not legal in the United States. It goes to China, Norway imports seal fur, also some Northern European Bloc countries.
The majority of Canadians don’t want this seal hunt to happen, but a ceratin amount of people endorse it, so it continues.

There are many alternatives to seal fur that doesn’t have such a cruelty attached to it.
Advice-Be aware of what is going on and that it continues to this very day. It is now also happening to Cape fur seal in Namibia, Africa.

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