A Vegan Option Beyond Meat at the Green Festival

Tiffany Paige of http://www.greenwithtiffany.com talks to Caitlin Grady of Beyond Meat at the Green Festival http://www.greenfestivals.org. Beyond Meat is not meat, but a plant protein made with a blend of soy and pea proteins and it mimics the taste and feel of chicken. “Tastes like chicken”. Meat eaters that are looking to transition to eating less meat in their diet, this is a great option. Beyond Meat uses non-GMO soy, it is a nonGMO (genetically modified) product. Beyond Meat advocates everything in moderation. Research is being done for other sources of protein as well. Plants are a great source of protein and there are lots of them out there. Beyond Meat believes there should be a protein section at the grocery store vs a meat section.

Beyond Meat is very tasty and I believe in finding other sources of protein over animal protein. My personal thought and there is a lot of information out there, is not to consume soy on a regular basis. This is to be eaten in moderation rather than a staple in your diet. Please do your research and enjoy.