About Tiffany Paige

About Tiffany Paige

More than a year ago I saw a casting notice and submitted for a host to be part of the documentary about the North American Garbage Patch. I don’t know if this is something that moved forward, but I would like to be part of the solution in any capacity and here’s why…

My name is Tiffany Paige. I grew up in Los Angeles and spent my weekends at the beach. I LOVE the ocean! So much so, that when or if I have children, boy or girl, their name will be Ocean. I have a deep connection to the ocean and all that is in it. When I fly from LAX and we take off over the beautiful pacific, I often wonder what lies beneath. The dysfunction beneath the glistening beauty of an oil refinery and a sewage treatment plant nearby. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is hard to even fathom, much less 10 additional gyres. It makes me fearful of how many more there are. I did a beach clean up in Todos Santos, Mexico where there is no municipal trash pick up and everything just washes up and is left behind on the glorious stretches of sand. Even in Miami, Florida recently I saw so much wash up on shore, from juice boxes to toothbrushes. I was told that a clean up truck goes by every morning. Imagine what we’re not seeing. I’m sure this tragedy goes further than we know and now with the tragic oil spill in the Gulf and the nuclear disaster in Japan, we need to educate more than ever.

I recently started a webisode/blog series called “Green With Tiffany” to help educate and moving forward, entertain people to make minor changes in their daily lives that can help make major changes to the environment. I have some school educators who are interested in building lesson plans around my 3 minute videos.

I have attended the TED Conference as an on camera host for the Lexus Eco Village and their Spark award given for ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint. The winner received a one- year lease for a Lexus hybrid.

I am an actress and a host and have decided to focus all my energy on this. I am passionate about our environment. I want people to be informed and to choose to care. If I can show people first hand that our oceans are dying and that we need to act now, it would be my honor. I can’t say it will always be without tears, but I can promise it will be with wholehearted dedication.