Clean The Natural Way With Poppy’s Naturally Clean – Green With Tiffany

Green With Tiffany’s, Tiffany Paige chats with Victoria Kheel. Victoria is the creator & founder of Poppy’s Naturally Clean. Poppy’s Naturally Clean is a full line of cleaning products that have been certified chemical-free and bio-degradable by Natural Verifiers. This is important because many products claim to be natural, but aren’t, due to the fact that there are no laws on labeling. The Poppy’s Naturally Clean line is scented with essential oils, never chemical fragrance and they contain tee tree oil, which is highly anti-bacterial.

Victoria took a class on toxins in the home. It was so scary to her that she threw everything she had been using out and decided to make her own and then to sell it.

If you like the smell of clean fresh clothes out of the dryer, but don’t like the idea of chemically filled dryer sheets that then end up in the landfill, Poppy’s Naturally Clean has the perfect replacement. She sells Stoney Mountain Farm’s eco-friendly wool balls. You put all 3 in the dryer, they last forever, cut drying time by about 1/3, soften, reduce static and best of all no more dryer sheets. To replace the fake, chemical scent of dryer sheets use Poppy’s Naturally Clean lavender pouches. They are made with both dried lavender and lavender essential oil.

All Poppy’s Naturally Clean products are manufactured and packaged locally in Los Angeles, California. Visit