Dr Bronner’s, Green Festival

Green With Tiffany was so excited to talk to Dr. Bronner’s and the incredible Frankie Higgins, the National Events and Demo Manager. Frankie has such enthusiasm for the line, which really says something about the company as well. Dr. Bronner’s is based in San Diego and has been there for 65 years. Most products are certified organic, fair trade, non-gmo and vegan. Here at the Green Festival in Los Angeles we learn about the incredible line from soap to lotion to coconut oil and beyond. You may know about the iconic all-in-one peppermint soap that can be used from a body wash to a household cleaner.

The new magic soap factory is in Vista, California and Dr. Bronner’s has 150 years of soap making in the family. A family owned and run business that really does it right. They support important issues and lead by example. I can’t speak more highly about them.

Check out Dr. Bronner’s at https://www.drbronner.com
The LA Green Festival will be in San Francisco November 13-15, 2015 & Portland December 11-13, 2015