Easy Composting

Wanna learn how easy, no maintenance (or very little) composting can be? Good friend Melissa O’Connell talks to Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany about how little she does to maintain her different compost bins and how she gets the richest, blackest soil to use in her garden. She started out with a small container under her sink with a lid and a charcoal filter. She noticed that it smelled.

When Melissa accidently broke the lid and continued to use the pail, she discovered that it works better with out it, with no smell, no filter and no bugs. Melissa brings the pail outside and dumps it into the larger container as needed. She adds a little water to the porcelain container to rinse it out and dumps that into the bin as well.

Compost works best with green, brown and food. You can get more complicated with the ph balance and acidic levels vs. alkaline, but this working mother doesn’t have time for that. Melissa’s second composter is a barrel composter, which spins and produces compost more quickly. The last composter is a large, fenced compost that she puts the least amount of effort into at the moment. No maintenance composting is her motto right now, yet it still produces. Good to know!