Eco Dogs And Cats at the Green Festival

Green With Tiffany’s, Tiffany Paige talks to Delta Farrington, founder of www.ecodogsandcats. Eco Dogs and Cats is an online store for vegan, eco friendly, humane, all-natural, organic if possible, and non-gmo dog and cat products. From treats to dog beds made from recycled soda bottles, toys made from recycled rubber, hemp toys for dogs and cat toys including cat nip. There are several kinds of foods, nothing is from China. (FYI- China has had multiple recalls from tainted jerky treats to malamime laced dog food that killed thousands of dogs in the US – Beware). The only food Eco Cats And Dogs carry that is not made in America is Ami dog and cat food made in Italy. Bonjourno! Hemp is a great eco friendly material that is used for rope toys instead of new plastics that are not bio-degradeable and horrible for your dog to ingest. Sam’s Yams Veggie Rawhide is dehydrated sweet potato, but has the texture of rawhide, so they like to chew them and it’s healthy for them too. Hannah, Delta’s Golden Retriever gets to sample everything.

Who’s a lucky dog…? Hopefully yours 🙂 Check out