Eco Hip Hop with DJ Cavem & Alkemia Earth – Green Festival 2014

What is Eco Hip Hop? “Higher Inner Peace Helping Other Poeple” Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany had the the proud pleasure of meeting this incredible couple doing great work together and as a family at the Green Festival in Los Angeles….
Ietef “DJ Cavem” Vita and his beautiful wife Alkemia Earth.

DJ Cavem is an international recording artist and 2014 Music Educator Award Grammy Nominee. DJ Cavem Moetavation is an O.G. (organic gardener), emcee, DJ, midwife, vegan chef, educator, founder of Going Green Living Bling, founder of Eco-HipHop and award-winning activist. Recently featured in Oprah Magazine, Stanford Medical, and Yes! Magazine for his award-winning album which is a curriculum entitled, “The Produce Section”, and for his TEDx Talk on Food Justice. “The Produce Section” is used in many schools, as it introduces the topics of Food Justice and Organic Gardening.

Alkemia Earth is an artist of life, visionary, raw vegan chef, healer, organic gardener, speaker, yogini, educator, alchemist, plant-based nutritionist, DJ and mother of five, Arasia “Alkemia” Earth has been applying her methods of mind/body wellness for nearly two decades. Questioning ingredients in her food, she began studying chemical additives and preservatives and their side effects on the human body and mind through human, plant, and mineral biology. As a healer, Alkemia facilitates the process of mind/body restoration through her mastery of usui reiki and the domancic method of bioenergy healing, in partnership with raw foods, herbology, and alchemy; she has helped many restore their health and wellness.

They are parents to 8 children and out there educating and raising awareness on how to live a healthy life.

You can see them next at Ted X Manhattan on March 7 “Changing the way we EAT”… or find them at