Fossil Fuel? Nuclear? Is the Greener Alternative Blowing in the Wind?

Got Wind?

My opinion on Natural energy:

It blows through our hair when the top is down on our convertible.  It blows up Marilyn’s dress.  Dogs love it when they hang out a car window.  There are ceiling fans, upright fans, oscillating fans and Slurpee fans. (A little off track, I know, but don’t you just love a cherry Slurpee sometimes?)  All have kept us cool this summer, so why can’t we use this “wind” on a larger scale?

Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant

There is talk about nuclear power for a new cleaner energy.  Maybe cleaner than before, but still toxic with a by-product.  Isn’t that our whole problem?  Ok, so we wouldn’t be using coal — an energy source we might run out of one day that is not clean burning — but I for one don’t think nuclear is the solution.  Yes, I know France uses it, and it works for them… for now.  They also have a much smaller population.  About 65,000,000.  So that’s California and Texas combined.  What about the other 48 states?

My suggestion…Wind!  Wind turbine generators are a type of windmill that produces electricity by harnessing the wind.  It’s natural and renewable.

In Denmark (again I know, a smaller country), they discovered windmills in 1891.  In 1976, the first wind turbine was connected to the grid.  We use them right here in our very own Palm Springs, California.  It powers Palm Springs and the entire Coachella Valley.  By the way, that’s me in the pic.

Dual-Fired Coal and Oil Power Station
Dual-Fired Coal and Oil Power Station

Some claim wind farms are unsightly.  Really?  Since when do gas or nuclear power plants spruce up a neighborhood?  If people are really that bothered by their aesthetics, let’s make them pretty.  How hard could that be?  While I do think they make a visual impact, I’ve always thought of them as cool to look at.  I always enjoyed driving to Palm Springs and watching the windmills as a kid.

Yes I know it’s costly.  All the new types of energy sources are.  So were flat screen TVs when they first came out.  Remember when they cost $10,000?  “New” holds a premium, but we have to look at the “Big Picture.”  Not a temporary problem solver, a band aid if you will… with yet another by-product the planet cannot sustain.  Our taxpayers’ money is spent on many things, needed as well as frivolous.

Come on Obama — you found money for a bailout.  Our planet needs a bailout, and quick.  How about we start to set up an infrastructure of using renewable sources and not deplete our planet of what it can’t handle anymore.  It would create jobs and new ideas (how about that attractive windmill?).  It would get the wheels (or blades) in motion on a national level.

Wind…The other energy.

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