GarageMonkey goes Hollywood – Hollywood Electrics!

GarageMonkey is Going “Hollywood” — “Hollywood Electrics” that is…

GarageMonkey’s Tiffany Paige visited with Harlan Flagg and Josh Kearney, co-owners of Hollywood Electrics, the world’s first all-electric motorcycle dealership, based in none other than Hollywood, California. Discover why electric motorcycles are no longer the sole domain of sci-fi and tree-huggers and are capturing the attention of true enthusiasts.

Before you dismiss these bikes as de-fanged and neutered versions of the real thing, learn how companies like Zero are revolutionizing the way this growing category of 2-wheeled fun is approached through performance gains, badass looks and sheer riding enjoyment. And hey, does it hurt that they’re economical and efficient to operate? We think not. And there may even be a little surprise at the end for Tiffany…

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