Go Meatless with Gardein, EMA Awards

Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany talks to Gardein, one of the sponsors of the EMA Awards (Environmental Media Awards). They were serving up their tasty meatless, vegan, vegetarian, and GMO free dishes to guests. They share all sorts of recipes on their site and have guten-free options as well. It’s a great way to try a “Meatless Monday”.

I had a chance to go to the Gardein Tasting Kitchen in Marina Del Rey, California for a cooking experience with Chef Jason and Gardein. It was delicious!

The EMA Awards are produced b the Environmental Media Association. They are a non-profit that believes that through television, film and music, the entertainment community has the power to influence the environmental awareness of millions of people.

To learn more:
Environmental Media Association: http://www.green4ema.org