Green Menu “Make The Green Choice”

Tiffany Paige of talks to Chad at Green Menu is a non-profit organization that partners with restaurants and gives discounts to its membership base from 10-20%. It helps people make healthier eating choices by making it easier for them to find restaurants that specialize in plant-based diets that are vegan, vegetarian or veggie-friendly. When you purchase the $25.00 Green Menu card you are able to get discounts at a growing number of participating restaurants all over the country. You can find restaurants on the Green Menu website by category, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, etc. and region-CITY/STATE. If you are thinking about a vegan or vegetarian diet, it is a great way to try “endorsed restaurants”, and get a discount while you are at it. If you continue to try different restaurants your card will soon pay for itself. Since this video was shot there are even more restaurants participating as well as health conscious stores. There is something for everyone, even your pets. It’s a great gift idea too. To find out more information and the participating restaurants check out the Green Menu site or their Green Menu app for Droid.