Healthy Pet Food with Canine Caviar

Green With Tiffany discovers and learns about Canine Caviar talking to Dawn Barraco. A line of healthy pet food born from the love a man had for his Great Dane, Moguls. Introduced in 1996, Canine Caviar has a dry line of food, wet line of can food, treats, supplements, and frozen foods. They use chicken, lamb, beaver, duck, venison and turkey that are raised in a free-range type of environment, and fish that are caught in the wild. The lamb and venison come from New Zealand and are scrappie-free.

Canine Caviar is flash cooked for 6 seconds at 180° F (82° C) degrees. This stimulates the enzymatic process instead of killing the enzymes off so they need to be added back in later.

Canine Caviar’s true holistic diet settle digestive upsets, reduce scratching, shedding and hot spots. We formulate for health concerns like diabetes, cancer, kidney, liver and heart disease.

Canine Caviar uses quality animal based protein sources that are steroid and pesticide free. It is gluten-free and non-GMO with no added antibiotics or hormones. Natural preservatives, such as Vitamin E. Avoid foods that contain chemical preservatives such as BHT, BHA or Ethoxyquin.
Jeff Baker is the CEO and founder with a background in Pharmacology and Nutrition.
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I had a chance to catch up with them at the 7th Annual Eco Emmys “Empowering Women” Pre Emmy’s Party.