Healthy Superfood starts a Vevolution

Tiffany Paige of www.Green With interviews Karin of Vevolution. This is the launch of Vevolution at the Green Festival. Everything produced here starts with a V. It’s not like having regular bread or waffles. They have vegetables in them like kale, broccoli, alfalfa, and sprouted whole-wheat flour. Vegan veggie waffles “vaffles” are all organic with 90% of the ingredients sourced locally and only 10% tropical ingredients. There is no sugar, not even alternative sugar and no agave, only fruit. They can be eaten sweet or savory and even used as sandwich bread. They are formulated to have certain benefits not just a tasty food. It’s a highly nutrient dense organic comfort super-food that’s good for the brain, good for the body, and the skin. If you don’t like vegetables than this is for you because you can’t actually taste the vegetables and kids love them. It’s a meal in a waffle, not just a waffle. The perfect nutritious food!