How To Handle A Bee Swarm

“Let the hive thrive!” Whenever possible, no matter what, you should always do your best to “Save the Bees” Our bee population is dying at alarming rates, we need to put a stop to this tragedy and live in harmony with the bee. We need them to pollinate our food and flowers. This is to show you the bee swarm that congregated at the bottom of my stairs. Mike the Beekeeper attempts to catch the queen in an effort to relocate the hive. He then kills the remaining bees. I DO NOT recommend this method. No need to kill the ones left behind. Let nature runs its course. Bee kind! I never swat at a bee. If ever I would find them in my home I would catch them in a cup and let them go outside. To learn more about the bee, there is a wonderful documentary called “Vanishing Of The Bees”.