How to shop for Non GMO Foods with the Non GMO Project Verified Label

So excited to speak to this incredible organization the Non GMO Project. It was started in 2007 by Megan Westgate who is the Executive Director. This organization verifies products that “do not” contain GMO ingredients. Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany speaks to Caroline Kinsman, the Brand Outreach Manager at ShiftCon in Manhattan Beach, California.

Did you know over 60 countries label their products that contain GMO’s? Many other countries have them banned all together.

People have many concerns around gmo crops from health Issues, environmental impact, and societal implications. They started verifying products in 2010 and have now verified 35,000 products.

It’s a trusted label to me. To get verified you must endure a 35 page technical process. Every major high risk ingredient is tested. Corn & soy are the most prevalent along with sugar beets because sugar is in so many of our foods as a sweetener. For the verification process brands are coming to them to test for these ingredients.

There is a major shift happening that started with the consumer and the demand for non gmo products. It’s working! Vote & Shop with your dollar. Look for the Non GMO Project Verified logo.

For a list of non gmo products that are verified as well as retailers go to: