Healthy Pet Food from I and Love and You at the Green Festival

“I and love and you” is a healthy pet food with a whole line of food from freeze-dried to grain-free kibble and all gmo free, to a holistic line of remedies — all made in the USA. A lot of mainstram pet foods have fillers, grains and by-products. Dogs are’nt designed to digest grains, brown rice or corn. Dogs are meant to eat meat, gmo free and grain free . Many dogs have allergies these days and the first question to ask is are you feeding your dog grains? Every dog is different and some dogs benefit from beef where others do well on rabbit or a venison protein source. Every one just wants a happy healthy pet. There is a lot of itchy paws and itchy skin, etc. and it could be caused by diet. Definitley something to look into. Think about giving your pet a better, higher grade pet food.

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