It’s Time to Start Using Organic Tampons

You eat organic, so why wouldn’t you use feminine care that’s also organic and plastic-free?

This week is Environmenstrual Action Week! What is this you ask? It’s about menstruation and the environment — a combination you don’t always think about. 

It really is surprising how much plastic and chemicals are used in period products. Cotton is our dirtiest crop. If not organic, it’s GMO-based (genetically modified organisms) to withstand an insane amount of pesticides and herbicides that you then place in your most vulnerable, absorbent area.

Now let’s take it a step further… Maybe you use organic pads or organic tampons, but what about the wrapper and applicator? Is it paper and cardboard or plastic? 

Natracare is the brand I use because of their holistic approach. They do it right, inside and out — and isn’t that what you want? No plastic in their pads. No plastic in their tampons or wrappings and applicators, which means no plastic in you. They use 100% organic cotton, no chlorine and sustainable wood pulp for the core of their pads and panty liners. They also use plant starch that serves as a waterproof layer and can be used as a wrapper. All biodegradable.

A woman uses up to 17,000 “Ladies Day” products (as my mom calls it) in her lifetime. A big win is that New York has just become the first state in the nation to pass a law, going into effect in 2020, that requires labeling of all ingredients in tampons, pads, and other menstrual products to be disclosed on the packaging. 

Now you’ll be able to see for yourself that conventional tampons and pads use toxic and allergy-causing chemicals, and that brands like Natracare did it right from the start. 

Take a stand and end the use of plastic and chemicals in your feminine care. Better for you and the environment.

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