Keystone XL Pipeline with America’s Favorite Farmers at the EMA Awards

America’s Favorite Farmers. Art & Helen Tanderup are fighting the good fight with the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline route. They want to run it right through their farm in the midwest, potentially destroying their land, their water, their livelihood and the livelihood of thousands of people. “Tar Sands are not the way to go”. The Tanderup’s have done their research and it’s a dirty energy. We need clean energy. We’ve had help and created the largest crop art, planted sacred corn in the path of the pipeline. They held a concert, “Harvest The Hope” with Willie Nelson and Neil Young and had 8500 people out in their corn field. There has been no concern for the farmer’s and their families or even the Sand Hills region which sits right on top of the Ogallala aquifer, the nation’s largest fresh water source that so many are dependent upon.

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