Life Source Water at Tree People

Green With Tiffany talks to Life Source Water at a Tree People event. Tiffany Paige chats with Pam Batra about the benefits of clean, filtered water. Life Source Water is a whole house water filter. It cleans all the water coming into your home. It removes chemicals like chlorine and it leaves the healthy minerals in the water, so you can drink from every tap in the house. The water is clean, healthy and you never need to buy another plastic water bottle again.

Life Source has been around for 30 years and is going strong. This system is typically for homeowners, so when you’re ready, they’re ready for you.

Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs more chemicals in a 10 minute shower than drinking 8 glasses of that same water everyday.

Green Guru Ed Begley Jr. offered his endorsement to Life Source water thanks to his wife Rachelle, who found the system at a home show and insisted on getting it in their home. He checked it out and liked it so much he’s been endorsing it for years. The rest is history…

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They also have a countertop filter system.