LOHAS – Denise Hamler of Green America

Denise Hamler is the Director & Co-Founder of Green America and The Green Business Network.  She is involved in many aspects. Tiffany Paige of Green with Tiffany got a chance to sit down and speak with Denise after her presentation at the LOHAS Conference in Boulder, Colorado. The green space is really growing and we have data now with a report called the “Big Green Opportunity”. 88% of all business in the country have 5 or less employees and more and more of these businesses are going green. It’s opens up a whole realm of where the growth is, Fair Trade, Alternative Energy, Organic Foods to Green Building. That’s where the growth is in small business. They are outpacing their conventional counterparts.

The greener the business-the greener the bottom line.

Now Denise is working on GMOinside. A place to come together, share stories, get informed and take action. We have the right to have our food labeled if it contains GMO ingredients.