Malibu Compost “Bu’s Brew”

Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany talks to Colum Riley of Malibu Compost. Composting is all the rage and this is a biodynamic compost. What is that you ask? Biodynamics looks not only at organics (which is the absence of chemicals and fertilizers), but it’s looking to continually heal the earth. It works with the rhythm of the earth and brings the soil back into balance. You see biodynamics used with cosmetics and wines as well.

Started in November of 2009, Malibu Compost is nationwide in over 350 stores and growing everyday.
Soil is a living organism and it’s meant to be in balance. Compost adds to the soil all the nutrients, the life and vitality. It’s more than just nitrogen, calcium, and potassium. It starts with certified organic dairy cow manure…the premium poop, then add herbs and minerals, which are preparations that stimulate different aspects of the plant. Dairy cows have a unique type of manure and it is a perfect probiotic for the soil. “Bu” is their mascot and part of the logo. She is a rescue and was adopted from the slaughterhouse. Bu lives in Fresno now, comes to you when you call her name and has her own Facebook page.

Colum then takes us through Bu’s Brew and what to do with his Malibu Compost tea bag — For Plants ONLY!
You can spray it on the underside of the leaf. The plant has stomata, which are receptors, so it can absorb all the nutrients directly into the plant from the leaf or the flower instead of having to come up systemically. It is a great boost to the plants immune system, giving it all the beneficial microbes and bacterias-a biodynamic shower. You can follow Bu on Twitter @surfingcow or go to for more information.