March Against Monsanto part 2 Downtown Los Angeles

This is the first worldwide “March Against Monsanto”! It took place on May 25, 2013 with over 400 marches in 50 countries participating. It is to protest and raise awareness of Genetically Modified Foods, or GMO’s, being untested, unlabeled, and a large part of our food supply.

Monsanto is the main global biotech giant that is involved in the growing of our food, from the seeds to the pesticides and herbicides used. Currently there have been no long-term human studies on the effects of these foods.

Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany was there and saw no other mainstream media involved. Here in Part 2 of 4 parts Tiffany is at City Hall in downtown Los Angeles where voices take the stage and we sit down with activist Staci Owen and talk one on one about what GMO’s mean to her. It was a powerful day with a huge turnout.

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