Organic Skincare Cream by Hawaiian Moon Aloe at the Green Festival

Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany chats with Taylor of Hawaiian Moon Aloe Cream at the Green Festival in Los Angeles, California. “I discovered Hawaiian Moon myself while in Portland and have been using it since”.

Hawaiian Moon Aloe is an all-natural, organic cream that is aloe vera based with no petroleum, fillers, water, mineral oil, or alcohol. It’s a great alternative to other body creams and can be used everyday. You can use it head to toe, even on your face.

The company is based out of Hillsboro, Oregon right out of Portland where the owner is originally from. The cream is manufactured in a wind power plant in Hillsboro and the administrative offices are in Clearwater, Florida where the owner now resides. You can purchase it online at It is not sold in retail stores, only events. There are about 7-10 events around the country every weekend. Hawaiian Moon Aloe also has healing properties that can be used for like acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis even. It has a pain relieving mineral in it and aloe is an anti-inflammatory, so its good if you have joint pain. The aloe vera cream is anti-fungal as well, so it’s good for athlete’s foot, warts, things like that. A good organic, natural, holistic way to deal with a lot of problems. Many great uses!