Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Did you buy a real Christmas tree this year?

Beautiful Christmas TreeChances are if you celebrate Christmas, you did.  Maybe you got a Hanukkah bush.  Whatever your form of celebration, it becomes a tradition.  The family goes to buy the tree at the same place you go each year.  We go to a place called The Oregon Family Christmas Trees.  It becomes a ritual of picking the perfect tree.  How many do you pick up and shake out before that tree becomes a family member for the next few weeks?  I’d say a minimum of 2 with a maximum of what…10?  You tie it to the roof, bring it in your home, set it up, give it water, nurture it, maybe even mist it.  Then, the tree trimming begins.  You pour a little eggnog (spiked with some Southern Comfort-Yum!), turn on Christmas music and away you go.  Ever listen to the words of “O Christmas Tree”?  “You fill hearts with gaity,” “Your presence here enhances,” “You stand in verdant beauty.”  Any of these lyrics sound familiar?  There it is, your Christmas tree in all its glory, decorated beautifully.  Well, after you rearrange what your drunk Aunt Agnes thought looked good.  Oh, and after the hideous ornaments that were given as a gift were removed.  There!  Beautimous…you stand in verdant beauty.  We take pictures in front of you, open gifts around you, turn the lights on each night and admire you.  Ahhh…

Christmas tree kicked to the curbThen for some of you, on December 26th…out you go.  Most wait until after New Year’s, and others, the following week after that.  Whenever your tree reaches its “driving age” it is literally kicked to the curb.  After you’ve spent so much time admiring your tree, now you’re done.  Put a giant plastic bag over it (even worse)Plastic bag on Christmas tree and sayonara sucker, you’re on your own.  How rude!  Where is the respect, the thoughtfulness, the grace, all the things that make Christmas what it is.  Not to mention what a complete nightmare for the garbage collectors.  Do you think a trash truck can even handle one block full of discarded Christmas trees?  No way.  Even if it could, where does that tree go?  A landfill?  Wouldn’t it feel better to know your tree was continuing on…Onward & Upward.  Or in this case downward – to condition the soil. Recycle your tree.

Wouldn’t it feel better to know your tree was continuing on… Recycle your tree.

Some Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation are expanding its ability to pick up your tree, but they prefer that it is cut down and put in your green bin.  Some of us don’t have green bins.  Many places will let you drop off your tree.  Yes, that means you have to re-tie it to your car and make another delivery.  This time it’s to have it mulched.  To be respectful of the planet and the tree that gave you so much joy during the holidays.  I know trees are expensive these days, but if you build it into your budget you can have a service pick it up and take it for you.  They will vacuum up all the loose pine needles for $25.00 and up + tip.  It depends on the size of you tree.  I think it is well worth it!  If you are Los Angeles based here is a company I have used in the past and they are fantastic – California Christmas Tree Recycling  – or else try Googling “recycle Christmas tree.”

Christmas tree run over!I’m starting to see all the Christmas trees being tossed out on people’s front lawns and it makes me sad.  One was even half run over by a parked car.

If we all get together and commit to recycling our trees we can help our city, trash collectors, landfills, soil, and in turn our environment.

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, thou tree most fair and lovely.”