Reusable Bags by Chico Bag – Natural Products Expo West

Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany gets the lowdown about single-use plastic bags from Chico Bag at the Natural Products Expo West. Chico Bag was designed to lessen the amount of single-use plastic bags going into our landfills, oceans and waterways. It’s one of the easiest switches you can make in your day to day life that can have huge impacts on the environment. With plastic bag bans happening all over the country it’s a good idea to start carrying an easy, compact, packable, Chico Bag with you. This year Chico Bag is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary. They’ve helped divert over 779 million single-use plastic bags from going into landfills. The average American uses 500 million plastic bags in one year. Yikes!

They are fashionable as well as eco-friendly. “Designed to be Unforgettable”.
Chico Bag is a certified “BCorporation”. A benefits corporation means they hold a 3rd party certification for their social sustainability and environmental performance. I LOVE my Chico Bag!!

Chico Bag