Save On Gas With An Alternative Fuel Car at The AltCar Expo

Looking for an alternative fuel vehicle? Look no further, the AltCar Expo can help you find one. Held in Santa Monica, California every year it is open to the public with free admission to drive a number of electric and alternative fuel vehicles.
Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany takes a tour of the event and drives the cars. So fun! There were quite a few fuel efficient vehicles to choose from, electric, hybrid, fuel cell, and hydrogen including Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Chevy, Nissan and more. They use less traditional fuel (oil/gas), get great mileage while producing less CO2 emissions. Win/Win! They also had some new “natural gas” vehicles on display that I wanted to understand and learn more about, but they were not open to an interview. I personally think there are better alternatives.

So many great choices are coming to market.

Here is a highlight reel with interviews to come.

The next AltCar Expo is September 19-20, 2014