Save Your Back and Wear Your Chair with Love At First Sit

The Nada-Chair is the chair that you wear! talks to Neil, who tells us about “Love At First Sit”, which uses your body weight to help push the straps into your lower lumbar to align your spine into the perfect position for sitting. It leaves your diaphragm unobstructed, so you don’t slouch. It sits you straight up and down and works on your posture everyday. Over time it develops your muscles, so you don’t become reliant upon it. It’s great for meditation by sitting crossed-legged. It gives you the same back support, but also hip flexion over time. With a recommended time of 20-30 minutes a day of meditation you will become more flexible and more limber. Made from hemp and organic cotton with a lifetime warranty. The Love At First Sit design is over 25 years old. I bought one and it really works. I am usually slouched over at my computer, this helps keep me sitting up tall. I love it!