Solar Powered Charger by Revolve Electronics

Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany interviews Eli Probst, President of Revolve Electronics. lets you never run out of power again. Recharge at home or on the go with a solar powered battery charger. The world’s first earth friendly electronics by using natural, recycled and sustainable materials. Compatible with over 3,000 devices including your iPhone, Kindle, GPS or bluetooth to name a few. The XE Mini by Revolve works like a regular AC charger and plugs into the wall (has retractable AC prongs), but it also has a built in back-up battery. As it’s charging your product it’s also charging it’s back-up battery. Great for on a plane. You can charge from your car, computer or the sun. If you’re at the beach or golfing you can put it in the sun to capture light energy. It converts it into electrical energy and stores it in the battery, for up to 6 months if untouched.

It charges 2 devices and itself at the same time.