Team Marine – Volts Wattson VW Bug goes EV – AltCar Expo

The AltCar Expo is a free to attend event that focuses on alternative energy and transportation at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California. Come drive the vehicles and learn about what’s new in the alternative fuel vehicle world. September 19-20, 2014

Tiffany Paige talks with to Benjamin Kay, a marine scientist and marine biology teacher at Santa Monica High & Santa Monica College and his “Team Marine” at the Expo. Patricio Guerro was the lead engineer and stayed with the project for 3 years. Team Marine had a 1971 red convertible VW Super Beetle donated by the local Poon-Fear family under the agreement they would convert it to an all-electric vehicle. Mission accomplished and the “Volts Wattson”, as it was named, is now an EV with a 100 mile range. This helps students that are interested to create solutions for the environment, solutions for climate change and our carbon pollution problem, teaching kids that we can be part of the answer, advancing postive sustainability in the community. In addition it teaches students about mechanical and chemical engineering.

Among the many that helped get this project finished was Wells Fargo who helped them buy the batteries, Teen Nikelodeon helped buy the motor, the City of Santa Monica was involved and Gadget at Left Coast Electric provided mentorship..
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