Toxic-Free Laundry with SmartKlean at the Green Festival

Green With Tiffany talks to John Sames of SmartKlean at the Green Festival in Los Angeles, California. SmartKlean is a laundry ball filled with four types of mineral-derived ceramic beads and two magnets, each performing different cleaning functions. This eliminates the need for chemical detergents. When these components come in contact with water, they form ‘oxygenated’ water with an increased pH level and an ability to eliminate germs and bacteria. The result is fresh, safe and clean laundry! This Swiss technology lasts 365 washes, works with cold water, and has no suds. If you have a tough stain you use the additional stain remover. If you want a little scent you can add whatever you want to the laundry ball, an example is Dr. Bronner’s soap.

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