What is a “Green” Funeral? Green Festival

Tiffany Paige talks to Darren Crouch of A Greener Funeral at the Green Festival in Los Angeles, California. Darren has family in the funeral business and decided to start a “greener” funeral with his brother-in-law to create greener alternatives for tradional funerals. Greener cemetaries are becoming more available. There is a demand happening.

You live your whole life living a green lifestyle why not continue that on with your burial? Green With Tiffany learns about the options that are out there and even makes some decisions of her own. (She wants to be buried in recyled paper turtles) Funeral homes are starting to offer these products. The “Ultimate recycling”. American funerals have been about preservation, but now people don’t see the value in preservation, they want to return to the earth. They want their death to mean something. Death doesn’t have to be this morbid affair. You can really do things that are kind of exciting and can be really meaningful and are a new way to honor the person that’s deceased.

For more information: http://agreenerfuneral.org/
Green Festival: http://www.greenfestivals.org/